Fiorentina, Nico Gonzalez out: press release and recovery times

Nico Gonzalez was injured during the match against Inter. A few minutes on the pitch for the Argentine striker who raised the white flag after a few minutes.

A few minutes ago Fiorentina issued a statement regarding the player’s condition. Fortunately there is no muscle injury: “ACF Fiorentina announces that the footballer Nico Gonzalez, yesterday evening, was subjected to diagnostic tests that excluded muscle-tendon injuries affecting the districts analyzed. The player will be re-evaluated over the next few years. days”.

When is Nico Gonzalez coming back?

Recovery times are 15-20 days: there is a risk that his 2022 is already over, considering the stop for the World Cup scheduled for mid-November. In any case, the player will try to return for the last match, that is Milan-Fiorentina on day 13, at best he could return, however, a week earlier.

In his absence, Ikone is likely to be deployed on the left, with Kouame in the other lane and one between Jovic and Cabral in the center of the trident. Without Gonzalez, it will be one of Jovic and Cabral who will take the penalties: it depends on who will be on the pitch at the time of the serve, without underestimating Barak’s candidacy. for Adnkronos