Fir and the Italian Army together on the road to the Rugby World Cup

In the summer, the Azzurri prepare for the World Cup together with the soldiers

The Italian Rugby Federation and the Italian Army signed a partnership today in Rome which, over the course of 2023, will see them collaborate and actively and mutually promote their values, in the Guinness Six Nations matches in Italy and, by combining their respective skills, also in the preparation that will bring the Azzurri to France in the autumn to participate in the Rugby World Cup 2023. The three-year collaboration between the two institutions was signed at the “PIO IX” Officers’ Club in Rome by the President of the Fir Marzio Innocenti and Army Corps General Gaetano Zauner, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army.

“There is a very strong value proximity between the Italian Rugby Federation and the Italian Army, two institutions strongly focused on the human component. We share the common goal of making our fellow citizens proud, of being the best possible ambassadors for the tricolor in every part of the world, of offering an image of excellence at all times in which every Italian can identify, of being an active part in life of every Italian”, underlined the President of the Italian Rugby Federation, Marzio Innocenti. “In the three years that await us, we will have the opportunity to share our experiences, borrow good practices from each other in terms of training, support grassroots where most necessary and, immediately, to make available to the National Team the opportunity to experience important moments of preparation alongside our Army, as well as reaching even more widespread territories, thanks to the Armed Forces. Rugby is in the heart of Italians as well as the Army”.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army added: “Rugby is an inclusive sport where athletes have different roles and characteristics. The same thing happens in the Italian army which is the sum of numerous components and diversified capabilities that work together to achieve the objective. I am convinced that this path of collaboration will bring great benefits”.

Fir and the Italian Army have already crossed paths on numerous occasions – from the paratrooper drops of the “Folgore” Brigade at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, to the training sessions of the men’s national team, held in the past at Army facilities in Turin and, with the signing of the partnership, have decided to give continuity to a relationship that rests its foundations on a strong sharing of values. The signing of the memorandum of understanding provides that the Italian Army actively participates in the pre-match ceremonial of Italy – Wales, fourth day of the Guinness Six Nations on March 11 in Rome, with a stand dedicated to the Armed Forces inside the famous Village Third time.

But the relationship will go much further, immediately supporting the National Team’s approach to the Rugby World Cup: starting from the spring, the staff led by Kieran Crowley will be involved in moments of training and sharing of team building practices in unity specialists of the Army, while during the summer preparation the Azzurri selected by the technical staff will have the opportunity to be personally involved in moments of preparation in a mountain environment, under the supervision of instructors from the Army’s Alpine Troops. A sharing of values ​​such as loyalty, altruism, respect for the rules, teamwork in which both realities, the Army and the whole world of Rugby, firmly believe and promote on every occasion, in order to spread them in society.