Firefighters, Conapo is the most representative union

And the Conapo the most representative union of the National Fire Brigade. This is what emerges from the decree of the Minister of Public Administration relating to the identification of the trade union delegations participating in the negotiation procedures for the definition of the agreements for the three-year period 2022-2024 regarding the non-executive and non-executive staff of the National Fire Brigade which has an overall organic consistency of about 36 thousand members.

The representative trade unions are as follows: Conapo 29.17%, Fns Cisl VVF 27.26%, Uil Pa VVF 20.03%, Fp Cgil VVF 12.95% and Confsal VVF 10.59%.

For the managerial and executive staff who have an organic consistency of about 1400 members, the representative trade union organizations are the following: Fns Cisl VVF 26.32%, Uil Pa VVF 12.75%, Federdistat VVF and FC 12.48%, Confsal VVF 12.11%, Conapo 11.57%, Fp Cgil VVF 9.38%, AP VVF 8.56% and Sindir VVF 6.83%.