Firefighters in a helicopter save a dog from a cliff in Pordenone

The team of the Maniago fire brigade, together with the Saf (Alpine Fluvial Speleum) from the Pordenone headquarters, were busy from 9.30 until late afternoon today to rescue a dog stuck in a deep cliff near the Pussa refuge, in the municipality of Claut. Yesterday, Kelly, a 6-month-old mixed-breed dog, was walking on the CAI 375 path, when he suddenly freed himself from the leash and entered the woods near the “Ciol del la Meda” up to extremely steep and impervious terrain which prevented him from moving.

The owner’s attempts to reach the animal were of no avail, also aided by friends who came to help, so this morning the request for help arrived from the Fire Brigade, who after carefully evaluating the scenario of the area from which the animals came barks, requested the intervention of the Drago 149 helicopter of the Venice flight department, which once on site, with overflights identified the dog above a rocky cliff. The helicopter rescuers, who landed upstream and with three abseils, reached the animal, scared, but in good condition. After reassuring him, they secured him with a special harness and with two winches he was recovered on board the aircraft. Kelly was thus returned safely to her owners, who remained waiting for the entire duration of the downstream operations.