Fires in Sicily, Palermo and the entire province in the grip of fire – Video

Flames near Termini Imerese power station. Civil Protection: “Orange alert in Sicily”

The fires in Sicily give no respite, last night was an intense night of work for the Palermo firefighters. Thirty-six interventions saw them involved, of which 32 were for vegetation fires. In the morning there were around twenty fronts still open. To deal with the fires, the number of personnel on duty was doubled, as well as personnel from other provinces. 22 teams operated throughout the night, including 11 from the commands of Catania, Ragusa, Syracuse, Enna, Caltanissetta, Trapani and Agrigento. The flames spread from one end of the Province to the other (Gratteri, Lascari, Cefalù, Trabia, Misilmeri, Belmonte Mezzagno, Ficarazzi, Bagheria, Carini, Torretta, Partinico, Monreale, Corleone, Camporeale, Palazzo Adriano, San Cipirello, Campofelice, Termini Imerese, Gibilrossa, Aspra, Giardinello, Montelepre). In the city, the greatest critical issues were recorded in Bonagia and in the area of ​​Via Ernesto Basile.

Yesterday, as a precaution, the guests of the Hotel Costa Verde in Cefalù were evacuated, while in Partinico the flames destroyed a restaurant and two neighboring homes. A fire broke out in the area around the former Fiat plant in Termini Imerese, adjacent to the Ettore Majorana power plant, while due to the flames it was necessary to close a section of the A20 motorway between Buonfornello-Castelbuono to traffic, where the roadway was filled with smoke. Over a hundred firefighters were busy tackling the flames. The greatest critical issues remain in the San Martino delle Scale area and near the Termini Imerese power plant.

Schifani in the affected areas

The president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, together with the head of the regional civil protection, Salvo Cocina, carried out an inspection this afternoon in the Nebrodi territory and in Cefalù, in the Palermo area, among the areas most affected by the fires of the last few days. The governor wanted to personally see the extent of the damage caused by the fires and meet the inhabitants of the most affected areas, inviting them to report any suspicious situations linked to the action of the arsonists. Schifani wanted to express to the mayor of Cefalù, Daniele Tumminello, his condolences and that of the entire regional government for the death of Maria David, 42 years old, who lost her life in an attempt to save her horses from the flames.

“I am here – said Schifani – to personally demonstrate my closeness to this and all the other communities affected by the very serious fires of the last few hours. A closeness that has been, and continues to be, constant also through contact with regional structures. At this moment my thoughts can only go to the families of the victims. What has happened is a tragedy that not only affects these territories, but the whole island and the whole of Italy. For this reason I will ask the national government, always very attentive to our region – continued the governor -, an extra effort in terms of territorial control by the police. I will discuss this with the Minister of the Interior and the Prime Minister. In similar situations the country system it must work as a team, as it has demonstrated on other occasions. For its part, the Region will continue to do its best”, he concluded.

Orange alert

The Sicilian regional civil protection has published a warning for the risk of fires and heat waves, valid from midnight on 24 September and for the following 24 hours. As regards the risk of fires on the entire island, a danger classified as orange (pre-alert) is expected.