Fires in Sicily, woman dead in Cefalù: she had gone to free some horses

The body found in a gully near the highway. Flames also near the Bellolampo landfill, the University evacuated

There is a victim of the fires that devastated Sicily today. She is a 42-year-old woman found dead in a gully near the motorway in the Cefalù area, in the Palermo area. The woman had gone with her father and brother to free some horses that were in a stable besieged by flames, in the Sala Verde area of ​​Mazzaforno.

But the flames devastated the entire Palermo area. Alert situation in particular for Bellolampo landfillbut the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla announced that “serious consequences of the fire that broke out near the Tmb were averted thanks to the timely intervention of the Rap workers. The flames did not affect an area used for management activities of the waste cycle, they only hit branches and at this moment teams of firefighters are also present on site to monitor the situation. With the Coc (municipal operations centre) active at the municipal police command we are following the evolution of the other fires which have broken out in other areas of the city. I thank the firefighters, the police forces, the municipal police patrols, the regional civil protection and the municipal civil protection, who are at the I work to cushion the effects of the fires.”

It would also be under controlfire in Viale delle Scienze, which forced the evacuation of Building 18 of the University. The flames affected a private area between Parco Cassarà and the university building. At the University there are still some small outbreaks behind Building 15 but everything has been made safe and there has been no damage to people or things.