First appointment with Flavio Montrucchio: when the new edition begins

When the new First Date season begins: the start date has finally been revealed.

First date is about to return, the start date has been revealed for a few hours. The management is also entrusted for this new season to Flavio Montrucchio. The previous edition has kept us company in recent months. The format has been very popular and very popular for years. There are many people who want to participate and do the castings. First appointment involves the meeting in a restaurant of people who do not know each other.

When the new edition of First Appointment begins (source instagram)

They meet for the first time in the famous restaurant, for a dinner together. They know nothing of the partner they are facing, not the name or the years. Dinner is a way to talk and get to know each other. The protagonists try to understand the various points in common and not, and whether or not an interest can arise. In our old articles, we told you that, in the format, love has triumphed several times. After years, there are couples who have formed and are still together, and others who are married. Now, all fans of the show who can’t wait to immerse themselves in new stories will be satisfied. The new edition is about to start, that’s when.

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First appointment with Flavio Montrucchio: when the new edition starts

First Date is a much loved and followed program, broadcast on Real Time. Led by Flavio Montrucchio, sees the center of attention people meeting for the first time in a restaurant for a dinner together.

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They don’t know each other, and that’s the beauty of it. During dinner, between a chat and another, they will try to understand if there could be something, if there is an affinity or in any case a small interest. Now, as we have anticipated, the new edition is ready and is very close to its beginning. But when does it air?First date

New year and new episodes, First appointment arrives from Tuesday 4 January at 21.20 on Real Time, with Flavio Montrucchio. Are you ready to immerse yourself in new emotions? We can’t wait!