First May concert, Ligabue: “The oldest drug lust for power”. VIDEO

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After seventeen years of absence Lucian Ligabue he returned to the stage of the May Day Concert in Rome. The rocker proposed two of his iconic songs by sending a message to the Roman public and to those connected from home: “The oldest drug in the world is not chemical, it is mental and it is the desire for power”.

ligabue, the words from the stage

Amber little angels And Fabrizio Biggio conducted the 33rd edition of the event which every year brings together many Italian and international artists, among the singers heard this year Emma, ​​Lazza, Levante, Mr. Rain, Mara Sattei, Rocco Hunt, Francesco Gabbani and Luciano Ligabue.

The rocker took center stage announcing his performance with The salt of the earth And Screaming at the sky: “Ten years ago I wrote a piece on the effects of the world’s oldest drug. The oldest drug in the world is not chemical, it is mental and it is the lust for power. In general, those who have the most want the most and often, like almost any drug addict, are capable of anything in order not to go into withdrawal symptoms”.

The artist continued: ”Faced with the overdoses of a certain power, the abuses of which it is capable, another power is needed, that of making your voice heard and not allowing anyone, for example, to try to cancel your history and rewrite it as they please, not to allow anyone to try to take away your right to love, of course, always in a consensual way, but to love whoever you like, however you like, as much as you like and start whatever family you like and maybe be able to support her with a decent salary”:

Finally, the singer concluded: “This is a piece about the toxicity of that power that wears even those who have it.”

At the end of the performance Luciano Ligabue met the parents of Lorenzo Parelli, the young boy who died at the age of 18 during the school-work alternation.