First parents, then the wedding on TV: what happened to Asuelo and Kalani after 90 days to fall in love

They first became parents and then got married, but what happened to Asuelo and Kalani after 90 days of falling in love? What happened.

There are many couples who have alternated in the different editions of 90 days to fall in love, but no one has ever been able to capture as much attention Asuelo and Kalani. The two, according to what we learn from the web, it would seem that they met by pure chance in Samoa, his place of origin, and that from that moment they have never left.

Kalani Asuelo. Credits: Youtube

There are those who meet on a dating chat – like Hamza and Memphis – and those who, on the other hand, had started a love affair over the phone – like Lana and David – never, however, had anyone met their soul mate as Kalani did. and Asuelo. Their first meeting, from what the web says, would have taken place on vacation. When the beautiful Kalani had decided to spend some time in Samoa and to stay in the same hotel where Asuelo worked. The two, therefore, met by pure chance and ‘boom’ the spark broke out. At first they became parents and then they swore eternal love: are they still a couple now?

What happened to Asuelo and Kalani after 90 days of falling in love?

Kalani and Asuelo, therefore, they met in Samoa, fell in love and very soon became parents. Finally, in 2019, the wedding in front of the cameras of 90 days to fall in love and, sometime after the marriage, the birth of their second baby. In short, a truly incredible love story. What happened, however, after the Real Time program? Kalani and Asuelo are still a couple too? On the web, it is said that the two have experienced a period of crisis, but have they managed to get out of it unscathed?

According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that Kalani and Asuelo have experienced a period of crisis in conjunction with the outbreak of the pandemic. To date, however, what do we know? We don’t have much news about it, but it would seem that the two have reached a tipping point in their relationship. Sifting through her instagram channel, in fact, we discovered that the last photo of the couple dates back to exactly last July, when the whole family went to Disneyland. After this, in fact, there are only shots in the company of her children. They said goodbye forever, then? Most likely, yes, but neither has commented on this.

kalani asuelo 90 days to fall in love
Kalani Asuelo Disneyland. Credits: Instagram

Did you like them as a couple?

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