First the expulsion from Vite al Limite, then the tragic news: she is dead, terrible pain

First the expulsion to Vite al Limite, then the tragic news of his death: terrible pain for the patient, what happened.

Not all the stories of Lives to the Limit they had a good ending. There have been some, in fact, that have left a bad taste in the mouth with their tragic ending. Just recently, we told you about the story of James King, a young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan who had chosen to ask the Iranian surgeon for help to get back in shape, but died a few months after his participation in the program.

Expelled Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

Unfortunately, the story of the protagonist of our article today also had a tragic ending. Turning to Dr. Nowzaradan to get back in shape and get back the life she had before her, the woman has given the surgeon a lot of trouble. Of course, initially the woman had managed to comply with the weight loss program imposed on her by the good Younan, but after the bariatric surgery she seemed to have returned to bad habits. Hence, therefore, one and only drastic decision of Nowzaradan: to expel her from the program! However, what happened once she returned home is truly dramatic: a little over two years ago, in fact, the patient’s daughter announced her death. A dramatic news, therefore, that still leaves everyone stunned. Let’s find out what happened before of expulsion from Vite to the limit and who we are talking about.

The expulsion from Vite al Limite and the tragic announcement of death: a terrible drama

This is definitely not the first time we’ve talked to you about expulsions from Vite al Limite. When, in fact, Dr. Nowzaradan realizes that his patient has no plans to lose weight and to bring home great results, he decides to remove them from the weight loss program. The protagonist of this article, unfortunately, is part of this group of patients. Joining the Houston clinic with a weight that far exceeded 300 kg, the woman could not wait to regain possession of her life. Did she succeed? Absolutely yes! The results initially recorded were amazing enough to push the surgeon to proceed with the operation. Months after the operation, however, the woman fell back into the vicious circle of obsession with food, prompting the Iranian surgeon to expel her from the program. A big shame, as you can clearly understand, especially since she managed to lose more than 100 kg in total.

Once back home, however, the unthinkable happened. Lisa Fleming – because she is the one we are talking about – is dead. To announce it, as we said a little while ago, was her daughter Danielle on social media. We do not know exactly the causes of her death, but it would seem that the poor health of the woman determined her death.

screw at the ejection limit
Lisa Fleming. Credits: Discovery

A terrible news, therefore, which still leaves everyone stunned.