First the furious quarrel with GF Vip, then the shock decision of Alfonso Signorini: the unthinkable happened

First the furious quarrel in the study of the GF Vip with Alfonso Signorini, then the sensational decision of the conductor: the unthinkable happened.

The fifth episode of the GF Vip it was totally unmissable because we knew it would be focused on Marco Bellavia and the measures taken against various competitors, but also the sixth – aired on Thursday 6 October – was not far behind.

GF Vip shock. Credits: Mediaset

After greeting the public from home and in the studio, the two commentators and the Vipponi at home, Alfonso Signorini immediately got to the heart of the episode and began to tackle the hot topics of the live broadcast. The Marco Bellavia ‘case’ – despite the fact that days have passed since his retirement – continues to be talked about. And it is for this reason that the landlord felt entitled to address the subject again, asking each of the competitors in the game their state of mind. Everyone was quite resentful and repentant of what happened in recent days and said they were happy to welcome their former travel companion again for a confrontation.

Having closed the ‘parenthesis’ Marco Bellavia and having read the letter from the latter to his roommates live, Alfonso Signorini returned to the studio to tackle another topic regardless of the fact that the unthinkable would have happened shortly thereafter. Not only that, in fact, there was one furious quarrel which even involved the conductor, but still found himself forced to make a shocking decision.

First the furious quarrel with GF Vip, then the shock decision: what Alfonso Signorini did

After furious quarrel between Attilio Romita and Charlie Gnocchi in the house of GF Vip, it would seem that even the nerves of Alfonso Signorini were put to the test during the last live broadcast of GF Vip. After having talked about Marco Bellavia with all his former playmates, in fact, the conductor has addressed a topic that has been discussed a lot in recent days: the abandonment of Sara Manfuso from the house.

Already in the course of the previous episode, Sara Manfuso had clearly expressed her desire to leave the house of the GF Vip live, but had been convinced by the conductor himself to stay and continue his journey. A little less than 48 hours after the event, however, the beautiful columnist has also abandoned the game, leaving everyone speechless. What happened?

To speak for the first time about the incident, it was the person directly concerned! During the last live broadcast of GF Vip, Manfuso explained the reason for his abandonment. “I could not think of competing for a prize pool and continuing to play, after a too heavy accusation was hanging on that house for me”, began to say. Explaining that the accusation of bullying that had also passed against her during the last episode, went against her principles. Everything seemed to be cleared up, but instead it wasn’t like that at all.

After explaining what pushed her to leave the house, Sara Manfuso continued to say that she did not feel protected when she – a victim of sexual violence – was the protagonist of an episode in the kitchen with Giovanni Ciacci who made it particularly suffer. “He touched my c ** o and told me ‘let’s simulate violence’, I laughed but out of embarrassment. Nobody called me to the confessional to ask me how I was “, Manfuso said again. Sara’s words, meanwhile, have sparked ‘chaos’: on the one hand, in fact, there is Giovanni Ciacci who ‘defends’ himself against this accusation, on the other there is Alfonso Signorini who tells Sara that he has not honored her story. I say that if someone touches my c ** o and I don’t like it, I don’t smile and I slap him. If he bothered you, you could have kicked him in the butt. But Sara, she doesn’t honor your story “, he said.

At this point, however, the clash is inevitable! Alfonso Signorini, in fact, is a fury and invites Manfuso to leave the studio. You could have found a more plausible reason to leave the house. Thank you for taking me for a ride every time I told you stay and you said yes “, he concluded.

gf vip furious quarrel
Sara Manfuso. Credits: Mediaset Play

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