First the shock decision to Vite al Limite, then the sensational twist: today it is unrecognizable, beyond belief

A Lives on the Limit takes a shocking decision, then the sensational twist: today it is unrecognizable, to put your hands in your hair.

We have known many sensational twists during these nine seasons of Lives on the Limit, this we will talk about in a few moments, we assure you, is really ‘shock’. The patient, in fact, decided to participate in the Real time program due to her heavy weight, but from one moment to the next she took a real decision unimaginable.

First the shock decision to Vite al Limite, then the incredible twist. Photo Source: Youtube

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There are so many people who, year after year, decide to turn to Dr. Nowzaradan to regain possession of their body. And take over the reins of your life. Each of them has valid reasons for doing so. There are those, for example, who intend to get married. Those who, on the other hand, want to return to a normal life. And who, on the other hand, does it for the sake of their children. Here you are. This is precisely the motivation that prompted the protagonist of this article to participate in the program. During her journey to the clinic, however, something changed so much that she suddenly abandoned the transmission. Let’s find out together, however, what happened.

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Shock decision to Vite al Limite: abandon the program, then the sensational twist

At Vite al Limite, therefore, the forty-year-old from Massachussets had decided to participate due to her incredible weight, apparently conditioned by a surgery that went bad. We’re talking about her own hatred: Leneatha Reed. Having entered the clinic with a whopping 273 kg, the woman had a strong interest in getting back into shape, but unfortunately this was not the case at all.

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After 9 months of starting her career in the clinic, in fact, Leneatha made a shocking decision: to abandon the program! We do not know what prompted her to make this gesture, mind you. The fact is that what happened next is really a sensational twist! We managed to track down Reed on Facebook. And we found that despite abandoning the program, she still managed to lose weight on her own. Take a look here:

lives on the edge of decision
Photo Source: Youtube

As of today, let’s face it, it’s really unrecognizable! What do you think?