First the shocking episode, then the abandonment of Vite al Limite: today he is almost unrecognizable, impressive

First she was the protagonist of a shocking episode, then the sudden abandonment of Vite al Limite: here she is today, she is almost unrecognizable.

The audience of Vite al Limite is totally accustomed to twists and turns. On the other hand, during these nine editions of the programme, many have alternated! Even what we are going to tell you is one of those episodes that have left everyone stunned. Doctor Nowzaradan’s patient, in fact, was first the protagonist of a shock episode and then chose to abandon Vite al Limite. In short, something unthinkable.

I abandon lives on the edge. Credits: Canva

Even Angie Johns had to abandon Vite al Limite before the expiry of the 12 months foreseen by the program, but compared to the protagonist of our article, her situation was completely different. Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient whose story we will tell you in a few moments, in fact, had chosen to leave the Houston clinic following a shocking episode that caused her a lot of pain. Of course, until then her weight loss is not at all comparable to that of James Jones. In any case, however, the woman had very serious intentions of getting back in shape. What happened then? And above all, how are you today after many years? Here she is: she is almost unrecognizable.

The shocking episode cost her the abandonment of Vite al Limite: here she is today

We are certain that many cannot help but remember the story of Jeanne Covey, told during the seventh season of Lives at the Limit. Having entered the program weighing slightly more than 300 kg, the woman had not missed an opportunity to tell Dr Nowzaradan how much it was necessary for her to get back in shape. Unfortunately, her journey – as we said earlier – was not the best at all. Although, in fact, Covey intended to lose weight, during her time in the clinic she managed to lose only 15 kg, deciding to abandon her after a shock episode of which she was the protagonist. What happened?

Jeanne Covey’s emotional strength has been thrown quite a bit during her journey a Lives at the Limit. Not only did Jeanne discover her mother’s illness in the middle of the programme, which made her feel bad, but she also had to deal with a dramatic mourning: her father’s death! Dramatic events, as can be clearly understood, which cost her her stay in the clinic. About 8 months after the beginning of her journey, Jeanne chose to leave the clinic, recording poor results. How is she, however, today? We tracked her down on Facebook, here she is:

shock episode lives on the edge
Jeanne today. Credits: Facebook

She doesn’t usually share shots of herself, but this one dating back to 2020 shows that Jeanne understood the importance of losing weight. What do you think about it?