Fishing: debut for Brodettofest of Fano and brodetti of Marche at Seafood Barcelona

One of the symbolic products of the Marche cuisine, the brodetto, was highlighted at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, ​​with the presentation of the BrodettoFest of Fano and the Brodetto of the Marche, which will take place in Fano, from 1 to 4 June, organized by the Region Marche, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Forestry Sovereignty. Minister Francesco Lollobrigida has announced that he will be in Fano on the occasion of BrodettoFest. “The work that my colleague Mirco Carloni, president of the XIII Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and the regional councilor Andrea Maria Antonini with the president Acquaroli are carrying out is fundamental. It is very important because hooking up a value chain, i.e. selling a product at a higher price because its characteristics and quality are understood, it also offers the possibility of developing related activities in the supply chain, in this case fishing”.

“A poor dish of our tradition that the Festival, twenty-two years ago, relaunched even beyond national borders. This event reminds us how important the fishing sector is economically and this Fair in Barcelona demonstrates that some fleets are more avant-garde on systems of logistics and processing of semi-finished fish, which in Italy must be supported” underlined Mirco Carloni, chairman of the Agriculture Commission of the Chamber.

“We want to relaunch, from this international stage of the fishing world, the virtuous fishing chain of the Marches, with over 750 boats – declared councilor Antonini – fishing represents an important sector of the regional economy. With the Feampa programming (European Fund for fishing) we would like to concretely support operators and businesses, starting from fishing to the processing centers of fish products to strengthen a fundamental economic chain”.