Fisi elections, Falez’s electoral program presented in Rome: ‘we have concrete projects’

The candidacy for the presidency of the Fisi of the Roman entrepreneur Alessandro Falez was presented yesterday in Rome. During the evening, the main themes of a project that wants to profoundly change the Italian Winter Sports Federation were presented thanks to a more shared and transparent management, a stronger connection with the institutional and tourist realities of the mountain and targeted actions to increase the number of members, top athletes in the various disciplines and the competence of federal technicians. Falez was accompanied by the Tarvisian Enzo Simaoutgoing federal councilor, one of the most critical of some delicate passages of the Roda presidency (VIDEO).

“We have concrete projects – said Falez – and not just a lot of enthusiasm. This first day of meetings was very intense. Presenting such a complex, ambitious and rich program is not easy, but the comments I have received comfort me. We are on the right path and we see around us a great desire to change. Some of the guests of the evening confirmed it to me. For example Vincenzo Parrinello who has recently left the leadership of the Fiamme Gialle Sports Group – continues the candidate for president – and who supports me with conviction. As well as Giampietro Nattino who as former vice president of FISI and entrepreneur clearly has the Federation’s need to move in a more solid, shared and professional direction. I was very pleased to have the President of Sci Club 18 Amedeo Reale, my ski club, in the room. It is also with the suggestions and criticisms of the movement – concluded Alessandro Falez – that the program can grow. The presence and competence of Enzo Sima is fundamental in this ”.

“I decided to support Alessandro – said the Tarvisian Sima – after the federal experiences of recent years. We both trust that such an important Federation must be managed as a real company, in which sharing and delegating to people with specific skills is instrumental to achieving results.. The goal is clear: to arrive at the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Games with ambitious, well-prepared and winning teams and a solid Federation; without forgetting a serious work of perspective, coherent and widespread, to increase the base and reduce dropouts among young practitioners. I am very satisfied with the level and participation of the people who came to know us and I am sure it was a constructive comparison.

Our program is very complete and in front of different interlocutors we have different areas on which to discuss and collect comments and suggestions. We want to present increasingly innovative ideas in the next events compared to the usual operating methods of the Federation. “I wanted to play at home – joked Falez – for this first presentation, but now we are moving to Lombardy, first to Valtellina and then to Milan, the city of the FISI, to meet regional and provincial clubs and managers, but also companies and journalists . I am convinced that we will win a lot of support thanks to our enthusiasm and the solidity of the candidacy ”.