Five years of Mosaico Verde, redeveloped over 3 million square meters of green areas

Over 322,000 trees planted in 17 Italian regions to make cities greener and more resilient, restore abandoned parks and woods, recreate lost natural oases of biodiversity, feed and house bees and other pollinating insects

Making cities greener and more resilient, restoring abandoned parks and woods, recreating lost natural oases of biodiversity, feeding and hosting bees and other pollinating insects: these are some of the important objectives achieved by Mosaico Verde, the national campaign for the redevelopment of urban and extra-urban areas and the protection of existing forests, promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente. Mosaico Verde celebrates its first five years with important results: planted further 322,000 trees, thanks to which an estimated absorption of around 226 thousand tons of CO2 is estimatedand redeveloped more than 3 million square meters of green areas, involving over 100 Municipalities and 20 Park Authorities in 17 different Italian regions.

The data were presented during the event “Big changes begin with small trees” held in Rome on 25 May, during which AzzeroCO2 illustrated the results achieved between 2018 and 2023 thanks to cooperation between the public and private sectors.

“In recent years we have had confirmation of how important the path we have undertaken is, of the benefits it entails and of how much, if correctly designed, it can develop and evolve – said Sandro Scollato, CEO of AzzeroCO2 – Mosaico Verde is not never remained the same, because the times we live in are never the same: over time it has been enriched, adding more research, more solutions, more innovation. We don’t simply plant trees, if anything we try to multiply the complex value they possess: environmental, for their evident ability to contribute to a more sustainable world; economic, due to the possibility of development of the territory by favoring the growth of a green induced; social, because equality and the culture of protection of the common good also pass through trees. Surely trees alone will not create a fair world, they will not stop climate change or they will not be the only solution to deal with a global emergency that is bringing the planet more and more into suffering, but without them we would not achieve our goals on climate and biodiversity”.

Up to now, 40 companies have chosen to support Mosaico Verde and actively engage in the redevelopment of the territories in which they operate or in which their employees or stakeholders live, including these projects in their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. Some of the companies who, thanks to their commitment, have contributed to promoting a real culture of corporate sustainability spoke about the interventions carried out in the last year.

At the meeting he spoke with a video message Alessandro Gassmann, actor, director and environmental activist, who got to know AzzeroCO2 and the Green Mosaic Campaign thanks to the Green Heroes project. “I met AzzeroCO2 on the path of the GreenHeroes, the network of enlightened companies that work to ‘produce the future’, which I have been supporting for years with the Kyoto Club and which I have described in the book ‘Me and the #GreenHeroes’ – commented Alessandro Gassmann – By joining the project of the ‘solidarity orchards’ of AzzeroCO2, I decided to transform the proceeds from the book into trees, planted in cooperatives that deal with social inclusion, supporting people in fragile conditions. It’s a circular project that I’m very proud of, which grows every time someone buys a book and immerses themselves in the virtuous stories of #GreenHeroes. I believe it is essential that everyone, from civil society to public bodies and companies, do their part and literally take the field for a more equitable and sustainable future”.

“We are proud of the extraordinary results achieved in these 5 years – declared Stefano Ciafani, national president of Legambiente – In its path, the Green Mosaic campaign has also supported the European Life Terra project, of which Legambiente is the only Italian referent, with about 19 thousand trees planted in various Italian regions and cities. A commitment that has involved associations, public and private bodies and citizens and which has nature as its protagonist. In recent years, tree after tree, we have made our cities greener and resilient to climate change, restored abandoned woods and parks, recreated natural oases of biodiversity, offered shelter and hospitality to bees and pollinating insects.A starting point and not an arrival point, which spurs us to do even more, to fight the climate crisis and guarantee future generations a more sustainable future”. During his speech, the president of Legambiente presented AzzeroCO2 with the Life Terra Climate Awards 2022-2023 for the ‘Most Involved Tree Planting Partner’ category.