Flat tax, Fracassi (CGIL): “inequality increases. War is fought on evasion”

The deputy secretary general quotes Don Milani: “They do not make equal parts among unequal”.

“There flat tax increases tax inequalities and benefits i high incomes“. To tell the Adnkronos is the deputy secretary general of the CGIL
Gianna Fracassthe. “Instead of seriously addressing the tax issue, guaranteeing greater fairness and progressiveness”, adds the union leader, “we continue with an idea that does not rebalance fiscal inequalities“.

The flat tax, according to Fracassi, is “the negation of progressiveness and redistribution because it benefits the highest incomes”. And quoting Don Milani, the deputy secretary adds: “There are no equal shares between unequal people: those who have more must pay more, according to Constitution“.

What would like the CGIL, Fracassi concludes, is that “the debate would focus on ‘war’ on tax evasion and avoidance. Just and necessary war to recover resources and strengthen the welfare state, schools and public health and the development of the country “.