Flavio Briatore: “Meloni champions, better than Draghi”

“The Prime Minister abroad has a very high reputation”

I still think Giorgia Meloni is a champion. The reputation of our Prime Minister abroad is very high. I think he is the prime minister who has had the most support abroad, even more than Draghi”. Flavio Briatore, guest of Bianca Berlinguer, thus expresses himself on the government led by Giorgia Meloni speaking on the first episode of It’s always Cartabianca on Rete 4.

“It is difficult to manage this country, the government has been there for 8 months. Until we get to have a presidential republic, in which he wins the elections, commands and decides, we will always be under fire from the enemy”, he adds. “In our sector – between catering and tourism – wages have increased, the final product has cost more. The profit for companies has decreased, because the costs borne by companies have not decreased. The minimum wage? Could it also be good” but “I don’t think anything changes”.

In recent weeks, Briatore has ended up at the center of controversy for considerations on the opportunity to start working immediately, without relying too much on the university: “Most of the kids who leave university start working at the age of 26-27 , if you start at 20, you have 6-7 years of advantages. The university is a platform for the unemployed: 15% find work, the other 85% don’t”. “The real problem is that people don’t want to work. We receive 100-200 resumes, during interviews people ask how many days off they have. They’re not interested in working, they’re interested in free time – he says-. They don’t want to work on Saturdays and on Sundays. This problem concerns Italy in particular. I invite you to come to our office when we do the interviews… I say it and I repeat it: today’s kids don’t have the desire to work that had my generation”.