Flavio Insinna, how did you become a conductor? Unexpected background, Fabrizio Frizzi has to do with it

Do you know how Flavio Insinna became the host of “Your Business”? Now the unexpected background comes up and Fabrizio Frizzi has to do with it

Insinna is one of the most famous presenters of Italian television, but do you know how he dressed these clothes for the first time? It was himself, in an interview with Courier service, to reveal an unexpected background on his career. Fabrizio Frizzi is also involved.

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Flavio Insinna, how did you become a conductor? His story (Source: Instagram)

Flavio Insinna, how he became a conductor

Today Flavio Insinna is one of the most famous presenters of Italian television. He leads every evening The legacy, well-known quiz-show broadcast on Rai 1. Before becoming a host, however, Insinna took on the role of actor. Immediately after having obtained the classical high school diploma, in fact, Insinna began studying acting, graduating from the laboratory directed by Gigi Proietti.

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Among his most popular interpretations is certainly that of the captain of the Carabinieri Flavio Anceschi, played for five seasons in the successful TV series “Don Matteo“. Subsequently he interpreted the figures of Don Bosco and Don Pappagallo, one of the 335 victims of the massacre in the Fosse Ardeatine in March 1944, in two other Rai fictions.

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flavio insinuates directly

But how did you take on the role of conductor from one moment to the next? It was he himself who told this background in an interview with Courier service. His words have displaced readers, in fact no one knew this side of his career and it also has to do with it Fabrizio Frizzi, historical TV presenter who passed away on March 26, 2018.

Insinna revealed: “I had done Don Bosco, a TV miniseries. They rewarded me in Saint-Vincent, the grolle, the stars and everything. On the stage was Fabrizio (Frizzi ed.). My turn came very late, when everyone was thinking only of dinner. When Frizzi called me, I didn’t know I had the microphone on and so I said: ‘But do I really have to?’ “.

What happened next? Insinna thought he had made a bad impression, while in reality the unthinkable happened: “Laughter in the room. I realized I had made a fool of myself and then with Fabrizio I began to play the fool, with free-wheeling jokes. Some time later my agent called me and said: ‘What have you done in Saint-Vincent?’. And I: ‘Oh my God, are they punishing me?’. And she: ‘No, they want to give you your business’. I was dead “.