Flop tour, the lineup of the Salmo concert at Eboli

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These are days of great commitment for Psalmthat tonight, Tuesday 6 Decemberwill be in concert at Eboli. The Sardinian rapper is on tour to promote his new album, which according to the charts is enjoying great success on a par with the concerts, which have a constant demand for tickets from fans, so much so that they are almost constantly sold out. Among all the exponents of Italian rap culture, Salmo is considered one of the most interesting by music experts and it is no coincidence that he has such a large and constantly growing following.

Psalm in concert at Eboli, the lineup

Salmo is in its golden age: sold-out concerts and albums with important sales are an indication of the results that the Sardinian artist is obtaining. Among the reasons for his success there are also important collaborations that have led him to further extend his audience. For the ladder of the autumn tour, Salmo had to find a necessary balance between the songs in promotion and those that have given him success in recent years. Not a simple compromise, considering that the Sardinian rapper has a very demanding audience that doesn’t want to give up the songs he is most fond of. The probable lineup of Salmo for the Eboli concert could be the following:

  1. 90 mins
  2. Mic Taser
  3. Shut up
  4. Unpleasant
  5. Papparapa
  6. Daytona
  7. Criminal
  8. Rich and Dead
  9. Down from
  10. Excuse me
  11. The sunrise
  12. Flop
  13. Excuse me
  14. To God
  15. Yoko Ono
  16. First time
  17. Russell Crowe
  18. Disobey
  19. Hellvisback
  20. PSALM
  21. Dj Set: I’m afraid to go out 1, I’m afraid to go out 2 feat Lazza, Kumitè, Ez feat Ensi, Marylean feat Nitro, La canzone nostra feat Blanco, Mic Check feat Noyz Narcos

Psalm concerts

After Eboli, Salmo’s Flop tour will move to Pesaro and finally to Milan. The last date is scheduled in the Lombard capital on December 12th. For the moment, no new dates have been indicated and the summer tour is still under construction, but surprises are not excluded.