Florence, Mattarella at the inauguration ceremony of the academic year

For the President of the Republic, who arrived at the Teatro del Maggio, a standing ovation lasting several minutes. The event marks the official start of the events for the hundredth anniversary of the University, scheduled throughout 2024

Day in Florence for the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who took part in the inauguration of the academic year of the university of the Tuscan capital at the Teatro del Maggio, on the occasion of the university’s hundredth anniversary. For the head of state, a standing ovation lasting several minutes with long applause.

The authorities present

Together with the head of state there was also the prefect Francesca Ferrandino. Mattarella, upon his arrival at the theatre, was welcomed by the mayor Dario Nardella and the president of the Region Eugenio Giani. Inside he was received by the rector of the university Alessandra Petrucci and, together, they met the Minister of University and Research Anna Maria Bernini. Mattarella’s visit officially kicks off the events for the centenary of the University of Florence, scheduled throughout 2024.

Giani: “A solemn moment”

“Today is a very significant and solemn moment”, said Governor Giani on the sidelines of the ceremony with President Mattarella. Giani then recalled the centenary of the Florentine University and the importance of today in the presence of the head of state.

Nardella: “Deep bond with Mattarella”

“We are thrilled by this visit by President Mattarella who in these ten years has honored us with his presence many times, in the most salient moments of the life of the city”, said Mayor Nardella, adding that the president “knows that Florence has always been with him and will always be with him.” The mayor then underlined “the deep bond” that has been created with the head of state.

Petrucci: “Died proud”

“I am very proud” of Mattarella’s visit, said the rector of the University of Florence Alessandra Petrucci. “This is a further demonstration of the head of state’s desire to affirm the importance of the university system, and this can only make us proud and I will thank him for this”, added Petrucci. With the Minister of University and Research Anna Maria Bernini, the rector underlined, “we are working: she is a person who is very attentive to the needs of the university and the university system. I believe that there are many topics on which we can work in the future. What the minister already knows is that the university needs attention and resources, also because it is the engine of innovation in the country, and therefore if this engine stops there could certainly be serious consequences”.

Mattarella: “Concordato helped religious pluralism in Italy”

At the same time as the visit to Florence, Mattarella also released a message on the occasion of the day from the Bettino Craxi ETS Foundation and the Italian Embassy to the Holy See, close to the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Agreement modifying the Concordat. “The Framework Agreement of 1984 opened the way to the agreements subsequently concluded by the State with other confessions, favoring the recognition of the religious pluralism which is typical of Italian society today – said Mattarella -. After 40 years the fundamental principle of correct collaboration in freedom, which represents the soul of the Republican Concordat, remains a very current and fruitful trace, as well as a source of inspiration to face the changes that affect ecclesial and national affairs”. Then the head of state added: “40 years after the Agreement amending the Concordat, it is a valuable task to return to the reasons that favored its conclusion and the figures who worked to reach that important goal. It is also important to take stock of the application of the Agreement and, looking to the future, reflect on its potential as a vector for further development of the special relationship between the Holy See and Italy. Thanks to the renunciation of particular interests and in awareness of the historical dimension of the concordat revision, the relations between the two banks of the Tiber have been set on new foundations, better responding to the principles of the republican Constitution, to the renewed post-conciliar framework and to the common commitment to promoting the good of the country and the dignity of every human being”.

Mattarella’s program

After the inauguration of the academic year at the University of Florence, for the head of state a stop at the Specola, one of the oldest scientific museums in Europe, which belongs to the University and which will reopen on 21 February after a long redevelopment project . Mattarella was also present at the ceremony naming the San Donato park after Piero Luigi Vigna, the former national anti-mafia prosecutor who died in 2012, and at the Cenacolo of Santa Croce for the inauguration of the Foundation named after Piero Bargellini, the mayor of the flood from Florence.