Florida wants to ban menstruation talk in school before sixth grade

Florida lawmakers are considering banning discussion of the menstrual cycle and other topics about human sexuality in elementary grades. The bill pushed by Republican Rep. Stan McClain would limit human sexuality, STDs and related topics to only grades six through twelfth, generally for kids ages 12 to 18. The proposal is raising a lot of controversy.

The reactions

Democratic State Representative Ashley Gantt, in a video posted on Instagram, highlighted that this decision could put elementary school girls in difficulty. “Imagine a little girl in fourth grade, going to the bathroom and finding blood in her panties and thinking she’s dying,” said Gantt, who formerly taught public schools. “So if little girls experience their period in 5th or 4th grade, they won’t be allowed conversations on the topic because they’re in the lower grade of 6th grade?” the Democrat objected.

Republican Initiatives

This is a new proposal related to public education that goes in the same direction as the initiatives supported by the Republican party that limit the discussion in schools on gender and sexuality. It would also allow parents to object to books and other materials their children are exposed to, require schools to teach that a person’s gender identity is biologically determined at birth, and institute greater scrutiny of certain educational materials by the Department of state education.