Florida, woman killed by neighbor. The children “made a fuss”

His four children make too much noise. This is why a 35-year-old African-American woman was shot and killed by her neighbor. It happened in Marion County, Florida, and the facts, as CNN reports, date back to last Friday.

The dynamics

The neighbor complained about the “noise” that the children made while playing in the garden. At first she vented her irritation by lashing out at the same kids and throwing skates at one of them. It was at that point that another son entered the house to call his mother, Aj Owens. The woman immediately went to the neighbor’s house to clarify her issue but she would have responded by shooting her.

Still no arrests

At the moment the dynamics of the facts have not yet been clarified and no arrests have been made. However, the victim’s family is asking for justice and one of the lawyers, the well-known activist Ben Crump, made it known that her neighbor, a white woman, had already insulted her mother and children with racist abuse in the past. “She didn’t open it and shot her through the door,” denounced the victim’s mother, Pamela Dias. And she added: “I ask for justice for my daughter”.