Floridi (media and tlc expert): “Too much piracy in streaming, positive meeting Dazn al Mise”

“World every two years? There would be an exponential growth of the GDP for the host countries”

The top management of Dazn will meet the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti to discuss the stop – first hypothesized, then at least postponed – to the sharing of subscriptions by the platform that owns the TV rights of Serie A. The government intervention is “very positive because now, given the amount of investments and connections, to firmly fight piracy: what is illegal offline is also online, as Prime Minister Draghi said on the eve of the G20 “, explained Emanuele Floridi, football consultant, media and telecommunications in Milano Finanza. “I believe that Dazn has considered excluding double access due to incorrect and fraudulent use by some users. We are talking about over 500 thousand incorrect accesses: one thing is to use them in the same house or family unit, another is to sell or distribute the code on Telegram and the like, damaging the football product as well as the platform that bought the rights “, he continued.

Whether or not Italy was ready for the turning point in football streaming “only in a few years will we understand the extent of the digital revolution underway. The advent of smart TVs, thanks to Mise incentives and the landing of football on Dazn, is bringing connected televisions to almost 50% of Italian homes. However, a digital culture is missing and it is time to make users more aware “, underlined Floridi, according to whom the Dazn experience will be useful for the launch of the Serie A. work of Luigi De Siervo and of an innovative intuition by Marco Bogarelli, lays the foundations to make the League autonomous in creating its own thematic channel which, as has emerged several times, would also require a modernization of the Melandri Law in light of the enormous leap technological. Production should be centralized in order to have greater uniformity and control of images, centralized archives to create specials and insights and perhaps, as in Spain, extend the period of the sale of national and foreign rights to facilitate the programming of broadcasters “.

“The two-year World Cup imagined by Fifa? Are we too overwhelmed by this challenge between Uefa and Fifa, very much felt here in Europe. Fifa is the world body of football and when it designs and proposes changes it does so with an eye that sees the whole world . I think that a rationalization and greater exploitation of the various calendars is useful in this phase: we have now been moving with this scheme for over 100 years, with this speed the spaces that world football leaves free will soon be occupied by others. yes it is a sport, but also an entertainment business, if a world championship were proposed every two years and in Europe a European every two years, there would be an exponential growth of GDP for the host countries and above all of greater revenues to be distributed among the various Federations and Leagues, creating a new value for all “, explained Emanuele Floridi, expert and consultant of football, media and tlc. “All assets (players) would be enhanced and the product would become even more central for all investors, the stops of the championships would be optimized with only two windows a year, without the stew effect as in recent years,” he added.