Florinda Meza broke her silence about her "complaint" to Shakira

Although it is not known where it began, for some time it began to be rumored that the actress florindawho played “Doña Florinda” for many years in “El Chavo del Ocho” would sue Shakira, recently separated from Gerard Piqué. The presumption was simply based on a TikTok video in which a user compared the dance steps of the single ‘Te Felicito’, which he did in collaboration with Raw Alejandro, with the style and movements of ‘El Chavo del 8’ when he gives ‘the garrotera’

First thing this Tuesday, florinda He couldn’t take the rumors anymore and made a post on his official Instagram account, where he has almost 250,000 followers. “To all public opinion” addressed the Mexican actress, along with a photograph of the Colombian singer involved in the contest.

without going around too much, florinda clarified: “The news that I am going to sue Shakira is FALSE”, and in capital letters so that there are no doubts. And he pointed against the press: “The media and social networks perform a very important communication task, although sometimes, to sell or gain likes, they invent stories.”

And he added: “Some, even if they are crazy or incredible, go viral, as in this case”, since the news had become too relevant. “There is no reason or foundation in this news. I have never said anything about it. It’s a lie “concluded the actress’s statement. It was signed with her last name “florinda”, to show that it was she who wrote it.

Statement from Florinda Meza about Shakira on her Instagram account. Source: Instagram @ florindamezach1

Immediately the post was filled with thousands of likes and comments. “I was even surprised… A lady like you and with her artistic career… Thanks for clarifying” and “A true lady, madam florinda” were some of the messages he received from his fans. So far, Gerard Piqué’s ex has not spoken about it.