Fogg, a dive in “Apnea” in the ocean of feelings: the video

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Apnea is the opening track of my homonymous debut album. The entire sound sector is found in an underwater dimension, muffled but at the same time very fresh and flowing. The text speaks of a relationship, of course, but from the point of view of those who allow themselves to be pervaded by the natural succession of events. Apnea speaks of those who are tired of fighting but have not accumulated any anger or resentment within themselves; on the contrary, it is the song of those who decide to dive into the ocean to let themselves be carried away by the sea of ​​destiny. Apnea is an authentic part of my sea. It’s one of the first songs I ever wrote and, despite everything, it survives the evolution of my musical taste; I’m very fond of this song and perhaps this is the reason that prompted me to give the same name to the entire album. I remember that at the time my original intention was not to write a real song, but to crystallize a sensation; I wanted to translate my mood of that period into sounds, or rather a sort of peaceful and bittersweet surrender, my floating without control over the course of events. At that time I went to the beach almost every day, I felt it was my natural habitat and actually, starting from that precise place, I have always been convinced of this so aquatic, layered and light dress of yours.

The Apnea video is directed by Leonardo Fiori and Lisa Mazzei for Lyzard. Fogg is a handful of songs with the shape of fog and the taste of the sea. It’s liquid music,

changeable, transparent, which is not afraid to adapt to the container, change its face, look in the mirror to discover itself different every day. Fogg is a project that smiles at everyone because it comes from afar: it has its roots in the precepts of cultured music, is expressed in Italian and touches sounds often very different from each other.