Foggia, Pellegrini (Apulian Mafia Committee in Anti-Mafia): “Extraordinary interventions are needed”

In the past four years, after the massacre of San Marco in Lamis (Foggia), they registered “successes” it’s a commitment of the state with all their strength “, but in the light of the latest explosive attacks in Foggia, they are needed”specific interventions “. This was stated in theAdnkronos the senator Marco Pellegrini (M5s
), coordinator of the Investigation committee on the Apulian mafias set up within the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission.

“It is worth noting the successes of the last four years following the massacre of San Marco in Lamis on 9 August 2017, in which two innocent people were also killed. That massacre sanctioned a dividing line and a commitment by the State, with all its forces – underlines Pellegrini – For the past four years there have been hundreds of anti-mafia operations and arrests of bosses and subjects in top positions in the hierarchies of the various clans, then the Crime Prevention Department in San Severo, the Carabinieri Squadron ‘Cacciatori Puglia’, the Ros in Bari were established, in February 2020 the Dia in Foggia . However the violent, ruthless and ferocious mafia does not want to give up “.

“We ask for specific interventions and the elevation to a first level structure police stations of San Severo and Cerignola: this would allow a certain endowment of structures, men and women – observes the pentastellato senator – As M5s I also presented, in 2018, a specific bill for establish a separate section in Foggia from the Court of Appeal Bari e from the Dda
and the Juvenile Court: judicial controls are essential to improve law enforcement action; having the magistrates of the DDA directly on the territory would obtain better results “.

“It is difficult to deal with judicial geography, but we are convinced that we must take into account what the national anti-mafia prosecutor Cafiero de Raho says, who speaks of Foggia and Foggia mafias as of a national emergency – continues Pellegrini – They are therefore needed extraordinary measures“.

“Minister Lamorgese has shown that he accepts the requests on the territory and in a few months Dia was created in Foggia – he continues – I therefore hope that he will act also with regard to two police stations of San Severo and Cerignola. With regard to the detached section of the Bari Court of Appeal and the Dda and the Juvenile Court in Foggia, an agreement between political forces would be needed, carrying out my bill or one could follow the path of the decree law if the Minister Cartabia were convinced of the need for these. judicial principals. “Meanwhile, the work of Investigation committee on the Apulian mafias of the Antimafia he continues: “We are shedding light on a little-known mafia, we have heard the prefectural commissioners of the dissolved municipalities and next week we will continue the hearings with that of Foggia. In a few weeks we will make a first interim report ‘”, concludes Pellegrini.