Foibe, Draghi: “Current warning, no more hatred, divisions and abuses”

The premier: “Don’t make borders a cause of conflict”

“The ‘Day of Remembrance’ – established in 2004 – requires us to stop and reflect on the terrible suffering experienced by Italians in the Upper Adriatic around the end of the Second World War. Today we commemorate the women and men killed at the hands of the Yugoslav partisans and of Tito’s communist regime. And we remember all those who were forced to leave their land. Their stories are a very timely warning of the danger represented by totalitarianisms and political violence. no more space in Europe “. Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi, speaking in the Senate for the Remembrance Day.

“After more than seventy years, we must take the opportunity of this day to continue to investigate the root causes of what happened – the words of the Prime Minister -. And we must continue to build a shared historical memory. We must reject every attempt of exploitation for political ends. Because the events we remember today cannot be a pretext for provocations or propaganda. The awarded students remind us that behind the story there are people’s lives, their traumas; that without participation they cannot there is memory; and that it is up to young people to transmit this memory to the generations to come “.

“I want to congratulate you on your work and the great sensitivity you have shown. Today’s anniversary must also be an opportunity to strengthen ties with our neighbors. We must look at each other with kindness and respect. . Do not make borders a cause of conflict. And avoid that the mistakes of the past become a reason for division or resentment. When we remember the civil victims of the persecutions that took place in Istria, Dalmatia, Venezia Giulia, we also mourn the defeat of a world free and open. Where the mixing of cultures and languages ​​was a source of richness and joy. We must continue to strive to find common ground between different nations. And unity in diversity “.

“With the ‘Day of Remembrance’ – Draghi goes on – we continue this path of reconciliation and pay homage to all the victims of those years, Italian and Slav. The same path that led President Mattarella to hold the President by the hand in 2020 of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor in Basovizza. An alignment “of all the stars”, as the Slovenian president said on that occasion. To make the “common heritage” of the past, in the words of President Mattarella. This dialogue must be inspired by values that today unite us: pluralism, democracy, freedom. The founding principles of the Italian Republic and the European Union. The only, true guarantees of an authentic coexistence between nations and between people “.