Foibe, Meloni in Basovizza: “I ask forgiveness on behalf of institutions for decades of guilty silence”

“I have come to celebrate the Day of Remembrance, which sweeps away the conspiracy of silence”

“I am here to remember the innocents murdered but also to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the institutions for the guilty silence that has surrounded the events of the eastern border for decades and to pay homage to the Istrians, Julians and Dalmatians who, in order to remain Italian, decided to leave everything to remain with the only thing that the Tito communists could not take away from them, their identity”. This was said by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the ceremony at the foiba in Basovizza.

“Fiumani, Istrians and Dalmatians, paying a very high price, have decided to be Italian twice, by birth and by choice – continued the Prime Minister – To follow their heart, to carry with them something that no tormentor can tear away, the love for who you are, for the land in which you have your roots. Everywhere, that will be your home.”

I have come to celebrate the Day of Remembrance, which sweeps away the conspiracy of silence who had shrouded the tragedy of the foibe in oblivion and indifference”, the words of the prime minister at the ceremony at the Basovizza foiba.

“I have come here to Basovizza several times and each time I left with something more in my heart – said the Prime Minister – Because this is a place of the heart, which always gives you something precious. I came as a girl, when few people did it and doing so meant being pointed out, accused, isolated“.

“I return here with a few more wrinkles and some responsibilities never imagined to take on a solemn commitment – he underlined – to do my part so that the legacy of memory is passed on to our children”. The train of remembrance is useful “to close the circle, heal a shame, mend a feeling of solidarity on which any nation is founded, in the name of historical truth”.