Food waste, handbook for organizing the refrigerator

Too Good To Go’s advice for placing food in areas with the most suitable temperatures for its conservation, avoiding domestic waste

Preserve the most perishable foods in the best possible way, especially with the high summer temperatures, thanks to correct management of the refrigerator. Too Good To Go, the global marketplace for food surpluses, has compiled a series of useful tips to properly organize the refrigerator and prevent food from being thrown away prematurely.

FOR EACH FOOD ITS ITS SHELF – Thanks to a good organization, the refrigerator can become the best ally during the warmer months, ensuring that food is kept longer. Here are some useful rules on how to best organize the space inside and on the position of the individual foods in the most suitable areas for their correct conservation.

– I top shelf, the least cold area: the upper refrigerator area is the one that gives off the least cold. Yoghurt, cheese, sausages and packaged or already cooked food should be placed here: this shelf has the right temperature to store them correctly and prevent them from being subjected to too low temperatures, which risk ruining the aroma and taste.

Lower shelvesperfect for fresh products: in this area of ​​the refrigerator the temperature is lower than the one just above, which makes it ideal for fresh products, such as meat or fish, and with a close use by date.

Bottom drawers, the ideal space for fruit and vegetables: this is the part of the refrigerator that cools the most and for this reason it is the ideal space for fruit and vegetables. They are among the foods that are most wasted in our homes, precisely due to incorrect conservation. In fact, these are products which, if not kept at the right temperature, risk maturing and perishing very quickly.

– AND the door? It is the area most subject to heat infiltration: the compartments inside it tend to have a temperature that is between 5° and 10° degrees. They are therefore ideal spaces for storing those foods that only need light refrigeration such as water, soft drinks, eggs, sauces and jams.

TIPS FOR A ZERO WASTE SUMMER – Too Good To Go has identified some additional little tips to prevent food from being wasted during the summer months: pay attention to do not overload the refrigerator, which must be cleaned frequently; keep food in special wrappings or containers; place the foods closest to their expiry date in the first row, in order to consume them as soon as possible; organize the freezer and keep it at a temperature of -18ºC, noting the freezing dates.

“Having a well-organized refrigerator can be an excellent starting point for better storing food and preventing it from being wasted. In fact, summer is a season in which there is a significant increase in the amount of food thrown away precisely because of exposure to high temperatures. This is often due to incorrect food storage, but a little attention and precautions would be enough to contain or avoid this problem”, comments the Too Good To Go team, which offers daily advice and useful information on the App’s social channels on how to combat food waste with simple and easily applicable gestures.