Food, WHO: mistakes to avoid from too much salt to too little fibre

For Francesco Branca, director of the Nutrition and Food Safety Department of the World Health Organization, the number one enemy hides among the condiments, “we still have excessive consumption of saturated fats and simple sugars”

What is the critical issue to be tackled most urgently in the field ofdiet and related diseases? For Francesco Brancadirector of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety of the World Health Organization (WHO), enemy number one hides among the condiments: “The main problem is theexcess of salt. The second most important problem is the insufficient consumption of dietary fiberOf Whole grainsLhegumes, fruit And vegetables“, lists atAdnkronos Salute.

Broadening the discussion with respect to the latest assessment by WHO experts which specifically concerned aspartame, Branca takes stock of some of the bad eating habitsof the errors in dietwhich must be tackled to protect health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. “We also still have excessive consumption of saturated fats and of simple sugars – continue browsing the list of priorities on which it is urgent to intervene in corrective terms – Finally, the excessive consumption of red meat and sausages“.