Football betting, Turin investigation started with anti-mafia investigation

For footballers, however, the prosecutor’s office only hypothesizes the crime of illegal exercise of gaming or betting activities

The proceedings on alleged illegal bets involving three footballers began as part of an investigation by the DDADistrict Anti-Mafia Directorate, which among its tasks also deals with organized crime linked to subversion, anti-terrorism, waste and drug trafficking crimes. For footballers, however, the Turin prosecutor’s office only hypothesizes the crime of illegal exercise of gaming or betting activities.

The investigation, in particular, was launched in 2022 by the Flying Squad of the Turin Police Headquarters into an alleged round of illegal betting that would have been carried out through unauthorized platforms and has undergone an acceleration in recent weeks also due to some social declarations that have hypothesised the involvement of some football exponents in the world of betting.

The investigation: players’ cell phones under scrutiny

The investigation conducted by the Turin prosecutor’s office, meanwhile, turns the spotlight on the bets made. Also under consideration are bets worth around 1 million euros. The investigators searched the mobile phones and tablets of the three players under investigation to also check for the presence of any chats and traces left by online browsing.

Very high betting amounts appear to emerge from the cards, in some cases the bets on various digital platforms would be around one million euros. Fagioli has already been interviewed by investigators. For Zaniolo and Tonali, the summons to the courthouse does not appear to be imminent, after having received a visit from the police in Coverciano on Thursday, they left the blue retreat. Meanwhile, Juventus specified in a note that in relation to what was reported by some media outlets “as soon as it received news of the possible involvement of its member Nicolò Fagioli on the topic of betting, it immediately and promptly contacted the FIGC Federal Prosecutor’s Office” .

Corona: “Another 10 footballers involved”

Meanwhile, through Corsera, Fabrizio Corona takes stock of the affair that is shaking Italian football by revealing that there are 10 other players involved in the case. After Nicolò Fagioli, Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali – investigated by the Turin prosecutor’s office – the former king of the paparazzi mentioned the name of Nicola Zalewski, who however does not appear in the investigation documents. “Know that at least 10 other footballers, 5-6 agents and there are also clandestine gambling dens are involved”, says Corona, who for now does not name any other names: “I can’t do them otherwise I will be investigated”.