Football, Foti with Gravina and Balata: “Urgent intervention for the South and young people”

An intervention is urgently needed for the South and for young people. Nino Foti, president of the Magna Grecia foundation, the FIGC president Gabriele Gravina and the number one of the Serie B League Mauro Balata say it in chorus during the appointment with the second session Youth and Sport to build the Future of the South , moderated by Corriere dello Sport director Ivan Zazzaroni of the event ‘Youth and Sport in the South’ organized by the Magna Grecia Foundation and also attended by Giuseppe Capua, President of the FIGC Anti-Doping Commission.

“The issue of structures is now a well-known and highly topical issue that seeks to closely correlate the geopolitical relationships between the centre, north and south. The data are pitiless, first of all sport is a huge element of social aggregation, a factor of great propulsion in the creation of relationships, a transversal element and often identified only by its economic dimension, relevant, but not exhaustive for its development function.The data are merciless because we have a number of registered players in the North of about 380,000 players, 300,000 in the center and 112,000 in the south. The level of club we have in the north and center is around 4,000 clubs, the same in the south but with a third of registered players. The structures number around 6,400 soccer fields in the north, 6,000 in the center , and just about 2000 in the south. Reflection is required not only in the world of football, to try to identify reasons and causes. Structures need to be revitalized”, he said Gravina during his speech at ‘La Lanterna’ in Rome.

”Gravina made a merciless but real analysis. These initiatives are a social injection. The gap between north and south, but also between center and south, for a population of 22 million inhabitants, no longer becomes an injustice but a real abuse of power”, underlined Foti. ”If there is a lack of sports facilities, there are also no after-school facilities, the gap between the north, center and south also applies to this. There are also important responsibilities of the bureaucracy. In the end, when there are difficulties of this type in an area like Reggio Calabria or Palermo, the institutions can intervene surgically on some things in the meantime. Sport serves to help young people get them off the street. There was a vision that is not there today. Having authority but not being authoritative is of no use, let’s hope that the new course will change something”, added Foti.

While Balata underlined how “that of the structures is one of the urgencies we have. The problem exists and must be tackled decisively together with Minister Abodi”. -south. Reggina, for example, has a well-organized training center and large investments are being made in which many young people gravitate. The Gravina presidency has done a lot to carry out training courses that allow young people to enter the world of football. We in our springs we have 90% of Italian footballers”, underlined Balata who concluded by explaining how there are ”Pnrr resources that can be used to restore balance between sports and youth activities in the southern facilities”, because from there ”a whole series of positive consequences derive”.