For a new tomorrow, film inspired by a true story based on the book “The Closed Horizon”

This evening it will be broadcast in prime time on Rai 3 For a new tomorrowthe film inspired by a true story and based on the book The closed horizon.

Today, Friday 26 January, in view of Remembrance Day which will be celebrated tomorrow, the docufilm with Neri Marcorè arrives which reveals the true story of Israel Meier, a Jewish doctor who was interned in Castelnuovo.

Over 70 Jews were transferred, between 1941 and 1943, to “free internment” (i.e. forced domicile) in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana: this forgotten story is told in this film, freely taken from the book by Silvia Angelini, Oscar Guidi and Paola Lemmi , published by Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore with the title of The closed horizon.

The story told by the film For a new tomorrow

With Italy’s entry into the war in 1940, foreign citizens present in Italy were arrested or placed under surveillance, as they were considered potential enemies. Among these, there are also the Jews.

The internees are deprived of money and documents, cannot have contact with the local population, and cannot leave the municipal territory without special authorization.
They also have to report to the police station at certain times and can only leave the house during the day.

A docufilm created with the collaboration of the Jewish Community of Pisa

For a new tomorrow is a Rai Fiction and Alfea Cinematografica co-production, created with the patronage of the Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea Cdec Onlus of Milan, the Jewish Community of Pisa, the Municipality of Castiglione di Garfagnana, the Municipality of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the Union of Garfagnana Municipalities .

In the cast, among others, there are Elena Meoni, Marco Pratesi, Leonardo Caneva, Luigi Pisani, Paolo Giommarelli.

The screenplay was written by Mario Cristiani, Cosetta Lagani and Stefano Nannipieri.

A documentary film that tells a story that should not be forgotten

Through the character of Israel Meier, played by Neri Marcorè, the docufiction For a new tomorrow retraces the two years of forced coexistence of this community, among the initial difficulties of integration, the strict prohibitions, the continuous humiliations and, last but not least, the solidarity of the population.

“I accepted this proposal because thinking about the Holocaust is something that touches me deeply every time,” declared the lead actor, Neri Marcorè. “It is truly the most gruesome page in the history of humanity, which is therefore good to remember with the hope that things will not repeat themselves,” adds Israel Meier’s interpreter. “But human beings are probably not capable of learning from their mistakes. And this is a reality, it’s not about being pessimistic or optimistic. It’s simply what we see happening all the time,” concludes Marcorè.

The interviews of the few remaining witnesses are added to the reconstruction of the story

The story of For a new tomorrow on the one hand it makes use of the fictional reconstruction of the story, on the other it is enriched by interviews with the few remaining witnesses.

There are the words of Simona Nissim, Vilma Papi, Liliana Segre and Leo Verderber, all embellished with another element: archive images that make this story even more vivid, strong and faithful to history. Indeed: to History, with a capital S. A story that, unfortunately, has seen two capital Ss, the SS to be precise, on its path.

“It was a different way of paying homage to the victims of internment and to the brave Italians who did not turn away, but who tried to offer a hand, a smile, a blanket, a piece of bread”, said the film’s director, Luca Brignone.