For Charles III only seasonal foods, the ‘no’ to asparagus at the Versailles dinner

Animal rights activist, vegan but with the exception of seafood: the king expert in seasonality and supporter of the short supply chain

Not just an animal rights activist, with the necessary contradictions (no foie gras at court but yes to Canadian black bear fur hats for the royal guards). Not just vegetarian, even vegan (but only once a week and makes exceptions with seafood). It now turns out that King Charles is also an expert in seasonality, as well as a supporter of fresh and short supply chain products. At the sumptuous dinner organized in Versailles for his state visit last week, the British sovereign was clear with France’s best chefs: “No asparagus and go for the mushrooms au gratin instead.”

The former, in fact, they explained from London, are not in season and must be flown in from the other side of the world, with serious damage to the environment. The latter, however, appear precisely in this period, in the woods. And then, they were also greatly loved by Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth.

The customer is always right, especially when it comes to Carlo, and the Michelin-starred chefs Yannick Alléno, Anne-Sophie Pic and Pierre Hermé, who are also famous for using foie gras in their dishes (Hermé even puts it in his amaretti al chocolate), bowed their heads and said “oui” to his requests, which included among other things the exclusion of chocolate and coffee and the total ban on garlic, not only by the sovereign, but also detested by Queen Camilla.

The dinner at the palace obviously went smoothly and both the royals, the French president Emmanuel Macron and the prime minister dame Brigitte, as well as all the invited VIPs, from Mick Jagger to Charlotte Gainsbourg, to Hugh Grant, you can swear that they were happy: some Less asparagus doesn’t make a difference in an evening spent in the company of the king. However, some controversy inevitably remains regarding Carlo’s environmentalist choice at the state dinner, which celebrated the historic Franco-British friendship. With English public opinion pointing the finger at the contradiction of not flying asparagus from who knows where, while the royal couple went to Paris by plane and the roaring Patrouille passed over the crowned heads on the Champs-Elysées to say hello de France, the official aerobatic team of the French Air Force.