“For many months I have not talked about it”: the famous singer reveals everything

“It is not easy at the beginning, for many months I have not talked about it”: after a long time the famous singer reveals everything, what she did know

It’s not easy at first, I haven’t talked about it for months“: The famous singer told of a period of his life a lot sad and difficultfrom which it took some time to get out and return to live with serenity.

The singer reveals everything: a painful background (Credits: Instagram)

Today, she lives life with joy above all for the most beautiful expectation, the one that is preparing her for the most important meeting of her life, the one with her child. Today, the joy of the moment is simply immense, and she says she is grateful for what she is experiencing. However, coming out of a difficult period was not easy. And to talk about it openly it took some time before that wound no longer hurt as much as it used to.

The singer reveals everything: “For many months I have not talked about it”

Bianca Atzei is one of the faces certainly known not only on the small screen for his voice but also for his participation in reality shows. We remember among these his experience on the Island of the Famous in the edition broadcast in 2018. After his experience in the reality show, a year later he began his love story with his current partner, the correspondent de Le Iene Stefano Corti. Today, the two have a very happy time because they will soon become parents.

The announcement of the pregnancy on social media, where the singer had immortalized herself in a first shot with the belly, had been very successful and had in fact had a lot of resonance, in particular for the joy of the fans to see Bianca Atzei immensely happy after the announcement dating back to some time before the loss of the first child she was carrying after a few months. A very painful moment that had led the singer to close in on herself and in her pain. And never before a few months ago would she have thought of trying to have another child again.

singer reveals everything
Bianca Atzei (Credits: Instagram)

But love was strong, the desire to try again has taken over and today we can only be said to be happy. However, the memory of that painful moment remains vivid. “It’s not easy at the beginning, for months I haven’t talked about it and I didn’t feel ready. Every time Stefano tried to ask me, I didn’t feel like facing him and trying again ”, the singer said on social media. “Then, of course, the desire to return to hope for it, to go forward and want it deeply,” continued Bianca Atzei.