For something positive this time: Will Smith steals the spotlight in his public appearance

Will Smith showed off a sleek and refreshed figure when she attended the European film premiere emancipation in London on Friday.

The 54-year-old Oscar winner looked understated and refined in a handsome brown three-piece suit that he paired with a crisp blue shirt, which he wore buttoned at the neck.

The versatile actor has embarked on an ‘apology tour’ in recent weeks as he promotes his new movie as he tries to get his $250 million-plus career back on track.

Movie star Will wore a pair of elegantly polished brown shoes to match his suit and appeared in high spirits, smiling as he arrived at the event.

The American star casually posed with her hand in her pocket as she posed on the black carpet.

Will was seen posing with his Emancipation co-star, charmaine bingwaat the event, with the actress cutting a graceful figure in a maroon ensemble.

Emancipation, the new from Will Smith

Emancipation is a historical thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua, in which the Fresh Prince actor stars as an enslaved man named Peter who escapes from a Louisiana plantation and braves treacherous territories and slave hunters to make his way north to the territory of the Union, where he is able to join the fight against the Confederacy.

Following the shocking slap in the face, Variety originally reported that Apple planned to push the movie back to 2023 to let the controversy die down.