“For the first time…”: Denis Pipitone case, what mother Piera Maggio did

For the first time… ”Denis Pipitone case, what mother Piera Maggio did: she herself tells everything.

Denis Pipitone’s mother, Piera Maggio, was a guest at Verissimo last Saturday. It’s been 18 years since that day, when her life changed forever. One day that she marked her and that she will never forget, when her little girl disappeared in Mazara Del Vallo.

Denis Pipitone, Piera (credits: mediaset play)

In the interview with Silvia Toffanin she talked about her story and retraced the marriage with Tony Pipitone. Denise bore her surname but she wasn’t actually her daughter. Piera explained that her husband could not have children and therefore they chose to have artificial insemination with a donor. Kevin has arrived, 29 years old today. The young man, however, did not know that he was not Tony’s son and he only discovered it 6 years ago.

It was only then that the woman confessed to him: “I wanted to protect him, he has already experienced great pain for his sister. He knew about the insemination but he thought the donor was Tony “, he confessed. While he was talking to Silvia he also told what she did.

“For the first time …”, Denis Pipitone case, what mother Piera Maggio did: she herself tells it

Piera Maggio, Denise Pipitone’s mother, was a guest in an episode of Verissimo. To Silvia Toffanin’s microphones, 18 years after that bad day, she talked about her story. She also told of her marriage to Tony Pipitone. Denis had the same surname even though he was not his biological father.

The son Kevin was born from the artificial insemination of a donor. The latter did not know the truth. He knew he was born through insemination but he thought the donor was actually Tony. Piera confessed it to her 6 years ago, she did it to protect him because she had already felt too much pain for her sister. Denise’s mom explained that her marriage with Tony fell through when he went to work out. Subsequently she begins the relationship with Piero Pulizzi from which Denise was born. She confessed that she was a much desired child: “When it was born it was an immense joy “.

piera may denis pipitone
Piera Maggio tells (credits: mediaset play)

During the interview he also said that for the first time he was talking about his own personal affairs: “It was something very exciting because for the first time I open up to private things in my life”. In fact, she did know about her Denise book. For you with all my strength. In this book you tell about facts that you have never talked about before. As she lets you know, she reveals things she has never told to protect her son of her Tony. The young man let his mother free to carry over in black and white the weight she had been carrying for years.