For this Christmas choose bees and biodiversity

A 3Bee hive to protect millions of bees and support beekeepers thanks to technology

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Christmas is getting closer and finding an original gift is always a great challenge. Have you ever thought of giving sustainability? Thanks to 3Bee it’s possible give a beehive and enjoy 100% Italian, genuine and artisanal honey, a clear expression of the territory in which it is produced.

Generate a positive and concrete impact on the environment

The idea comes from 3Bee, a startup born with the aim of help beekeepers with technology to better care for bees to preserve their health and improve their quality of life. 3Bee technology has become a fundamental ally for many beekeepers. Since 2017, the year of its foundation, the startup has equipped nearly 3 thousand beekeepers a system of analysis and monitoring of the hive, allowing them to intervene quickly and specifically on the bees and to optimize their work. In particular, the 3Bee systems are equipped with bio-mimetic sensors for monitoring weight, internal and external temperature, humidity and sound intensity.

Why are bees so important to humans and the planet?

Bees, flying from petal to petal to collect nectar, pollen, water and propolis, embroider invisible threads among the flowers. Moreover, they depend on their daily pollination action almost 80% of spontaneous plant species, which amount to approximately 350 thousand against only 200 cultivated, e more than 70% of the food we consume every day. When we talk about bees, therefore, we cannot but speak of biodiversity.

A gesture of love for the environment and a precious gift for Christmas

Giving a 3Bee hive as a gift means supporting the beekeepers who take care of the bees every day and contributing to the preservation of biodiversity.

The recipient of the gift will receive a custom certificate and the credentials to access the3Bee app where you can follow the development and growth of bees for a whole year thanks to photos and videos uploaded directly by the beekeeper. Finally, at the end of the bee season you will receive the honey produced by the adopted bees directly at home: 100% Italian and artisanal honey. There are many technology beekeepers of 3Bee, distributed throughout Italy, which they offer over 40 varieties of honey typical of the Italian Peninsula, from the most traditional to the rarest ones.