For tweet against Renzi wife Brunetta will have to pay 20 thousand euros

The senator of Italia Viva won the case

“I have pictures of Delrio with the mobsters.” The tweet was posted on April 7, 2016, under a series of images with the then Minister of Infrastructure, Graziano Delrio, next to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and ministers Luca Lotti and Maria Elena Boschi, was Tommasa Ottaviani Giovannoni, wife of former minister Renato Brunetta (unaware of what happened), who published it under false details. For that post on Twitter Tommasa Ottaviani Giovannoni was sentenced by the Civil Court of Florence for aggravated defamation to compensate Senator Renzi with a sum of 20 thousand euros, to which must be added the legal costs of over 5 thousand euros. The leader of Italia Viva was asking for half a million euros in damages. The news was reported today by the newspaper ‘Il Tirreno’.

The paternity of that tweet remained mysterious for months also because the account was attributed to a fictional name, Beatrice Di Maio who, given the surname, also generated an alleged grillina responsibility in the mephitic fan, fired on social networks, so as to cause an parliamentary question of the Pd. In the end, it was the author of the tweet herself who revealed her identity during an interview, giving substance to the political dispute that later became a lawsuit. The sentence of the Court of Florence was filed by Judge Susanna Zanda in recent days. Renzi was asking for half a million euros in damages. In 2018 Lotti had also sued Brunetta’s wife obtaining a criminal sentence of 1,500 euros, who then apologized.

For the Florentine Court, the post portraying Renzi “takes on the character of a gratuitous debasement of his honor in the face of public opinion, with an incontinent form of expression”. Having linked the epithet “mafiosi” in a tweet to the three politicians in the photos, “including the one concerning the current Senator Renzi, without any factual element that could justify it, makes the compensation claim well founded, due to the lack of element of truth and continence, translating into a gratuitous offense which goes beyond both political criticism and political satire which, as the defendant says, presupposes a true fact which is then distorted”.