Forced to cancel the 2023 tour, the tearful singer reveals: “I’m sick”

With a video on social reveals in tears: “I suffer from a rare disorder”, the singer was forced to cancel the 2023 Tour

Through social media, the singer appeared in a video in which she showed herself in tears. She has been telling everyone about her about the rare disease that she has been diagnosed with and which is causing her a lot of pain. Due to the diagnosed disease, she was forced to cancel the stages of the 2023 Tour, including the Italian destination Lucca.

The singer in tears reveals: “I’m sick” (Credits: Instagram) Sologossip

A voice that is hard to forget. She rings in our ears and conquers us. Intent on embarking on her new musical tour next year, the singer however had to stop everything due to a health problem. Already some time ago her illness had given the first signs of her to the point of already leading her in other circumstances to cancel some dates of her tour. It was however last year that her symptoms became more aggressive. Gradually, however, the disease has become increasingly disabling to the point of forcing her to review her priorities and put health first. With a video posted on social media, she told what is happening to her.

The tearful singer reveals: “I’m sick”, forced to cancel the music tour due to illness

In a few hours, the video published in both English and French reached millions of views and in a short time the news went viral. With tears in my eyes, Celine Dion has revealed that she was forced to cancel her musical tour due to an illness that is taking over over time.

The singer thus made it known that she suffers from the “Stiff person syndrome“. It is a autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system that causes the whole person to tense muscles and have uncontrolled spasmsthe. This disease gradually became disabling, despite her Celine Dion said she underwent various types of therapies. Therapy, yes, because as the Canadian singer herself said for this one very rare disease, which affects 1 in 1 million people, there is still no cure. “I train every day with my therapist to regain strength to allow me to perform again. But I have to admit it’s a constant struggle“, admitted the singer.

singer in tears
Celine Dion in tears (Credits: Instagram) Sologossip

Celine Dion has thus made it known that she has postponed the dates of the tour to 2024, including the date that in July 2023 would have seen her perform in Lucca. “Singing is what I have done all my life and not being able to do it is unimaginable. I always give myself 100% but now I can’t do it“.