Forests, FSC certified areas are increasing in Italy

Forest Stewardship Council numbers for 2022

In December 2022 there were 81,590.21 hectares in Italy certified according to the FSC forest management standard, with a growth of 8% in one year (+23% in the last three years). Today in our country there are 26 certified realities, different in type and location. These are the numbers for 2022 from Fsc – Forest Stewardship Council.

In 2022, then, the products from forest raw materials increased col FSC ‘stamp’. In fact, the number of supply chain certificates has grown in Italy by 3.7%: they are currently 3,298 and include over 4,200 production sites. Three years ago, at the end of 2019, there were 2,558 active certificates, for a total of 3,100 production sites involved: the increase is therefore 740 chain of custody certificates.

“We have witnessed an incredible growth of interest around FSC certification – says Diego Florian, director of FSC Italia – even during these years of environmental and social crisis, marked by the pandemic and the scarcity of raw materials. Fsc has been a tool in which companies have continued to invest and which consumers have rewarded. The certification is therefore confirmed as a concrete tool to give a future to forests and markets”.

The sectors with the most significant increases in 2022 are confirmed as interior and exterior furnishings (637 certifications, +11.7% on 2021), textiles (143 certifications, +10%) and packaging (1,270 certifications, +5% ).

There is also an increase in companies asking to use the FSC brand on its products for promotional purposes: these are companies that use certified supply chain materials for packaging or who choose to invest in projects to enhance the certified forest heritage. At the end of 2022, 111 companies had taken advantage of this license by signing a so-called Promotional License Agreement (Pla).