Forget what it was like in the days of Vite al Limite: today it is almost unrecognizable, there is some wonderful news

Forget it as it was in the days of Vite al Limite: today the patient of Dr. Nowzaradan is almost unrecognizable, there is some wonderful news.

She was one of the undisputed protagonists of the eighth season of Lives on the Limit, but some time after the program ended, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient literally disappeared from the radar of his admirers, causing them serious concern. Today we managed to track her down on her Instagram. And in addition to seeing her incredible transformation, we learned one great news.

Shantel Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

When she chose to participate in the famous Real Time program, she didn’t do it alone at all. It is with her brother Carlton, also an obese young boy, that the woman asked the Iranian surgeon for help, impressing everyone with their story. Accustomed to eating as little children, the pair of brothers had to deal with obesity too soon. And when they realized that they had reached quite a considerable size, they could not help but get help. What was their journey at the Houston clinic like, though? They too – as well as Lee and Rena – managed to meet the expectations of the good Younan. Let’s retrace their journey together and what we discovered about the young girl.

Almost unrecognizable after lifetimes at the Limit: forget what it was like, there is some wonderful news

She was only 31 when she showed up at the Houston clinic during the eighth season of Lives on the Limit, yet his living conditions appeared desperate right from the start. Her weight, in fact, reached and far exceeded 250 kg and she, as well as her brother Carlton, was unable to do practically anything on her own. It is precisely this, therefore, that prompted the very young woman to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help and to start, together with her travel companion, a path of weight loss, following the diet imposed on her in detail. Let’s talk about her: Shantel Oglesby, patient of the Iranian surgeon with 289 kg to carry behind her.

Thanks to the Real Time program, Shantel managed to lose more than 100 kg. From a maximum of 289 kg, in fact, the very young Oglesby left the clinic with a weight of 192 kg. A decidedly screaming goal, there is nothing to say. What do we know about her today? We tracked her down on Instagram and rest assured that the transformation is even crazier! The surprises, however, did not end there at all. According to what we learn from the written caption accompanying the photo that shows her transformation, we have learned that her life has radically changed after the program. It would seem, in fact, that she has become a mother and that she is devoting herself full time to her business. Here she is:

screw to the limit great news
AD Shantel. Credits: Instagram

Really unrecognizable, don’t you think?