Forgetting it at Bake Off is really impossible: third place in the standings, but do you know what it does today?

Forgetting him during the fourth season of Bake Off is really impossible: he finished in third place, but do you know what he does today?

Do you remember him a Bake Off? Having joined the fourth edition of the very famous Real Time program, the very young aspiring pastry chef was able to easily win attention to himself. And, let’s face it, we don’t struggle at all to understand why.

He finished third at Bake Off Italia, but what are you doing today? Photo Source: Instagram

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Not only the winners of a given program ride the crest of the wave immediately after their victory, but also all its competitors and, above all, all those who have managed to win a place on the podium. The protagonist of this article is a striking example of this. Having become a competitor during the fourth edition of Bake Off, the very young man impressed everyone with his skill in the kitchen, so much so that he also won third place. Here, but what do we know about him now? It’s been years, albeit very few, since his participation in the Real Time program, but are you curious to know how his life has changed to date? At the time of his entry, as you will recall, he was a radiology technician. Today, instead? Let’s find out!

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Third place at Bake Off Italia, what are you doing today? How his life has changed

Won by the very nice and sweet Joyce, the fourth edition of Bake Off Italia was truly unmissable. Not only because, for the first time ever, the legendary Antonio Lamberto Martino joined Clelia D’Onofrio and Ernst Knam, but also because the finalists had all the credentials to win the title. Recently, for example, we told you about Francesca, the 27-year-old Roman who finished second. What do we know, however, of the good Mattia?

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Managed to get to the podium and win third place, the good Mattia was one of the undisputed protagonists of that edition of Bake Off. What do we know, however, about him now? Well. We managed to track him down on Instagram. And we discovered that his life, to date, hasn’t changed at all. Always passionate about pastry, it would seem that the young Albertin not only managed to turn his passion into a real job, but that he has only one goal: to open a pastry shop of his own.

Third place at Bake Off Italy
Photo Source: Instagram

We hope that very soon he will be able to fulfill all his dreams.