Forlani, the state funeral of the former DC premier in Rome

Mattarella is present. Archbishop Paglia: “He reconciled culturally distant worlds, out of duty and passion”

They took place today in the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Rome, the state funeral of the Christian Democrat leader and former prime minister, Arnaldo Forlani. Among the authorities, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella was present. Pier Ferdinando Casini represents the Senate, while President Lorenzo Fontana is present for the Chamber, while Minister Anna Maria Bernini is seated in the front row to represent the government. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was unable to take part in the state funeral, leaving for Riga.

The Vice-President Daria de Petris is present for the Consulta. Many political presences in the Capitoline Basilica, who arrived for a last farewell to Forlani. Among these, the governor of Lazio Francesco Rocca, the leader of IV and senator Matteo Renzi, the deputy dem Nicola Zingaretti, the vice president of the Chamber Giorgio Mulé.

“Today we hand over to God a servant of this country…it is good to remember his work in reconciling different positions to weave alliances between culturally distant worlds”, he said Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, during the homily. “The country needs visions that unite, Arnaldo found his inspirations in his political commitment which he summed up in two words, duty and passion. Both are needed: a sense of duty above all…. talent is a gift that it has received and is without ownership, of another”, continues Paglia recalling that “in the commitment to society there is a need for creativity, courage, hope”. “Duty and passion drive us to bury everything we receive in the ground. Because they produce fruits, gifts for everyone. Perhaps taking into account defeats and even crosses”.

“I met Arnaldo when the judicial storm hit him. I remember his dignity from that moment. Certain of a sea of ​​​​pain and bewilderment. I was struck by his trust in God. He entrusted himself to his hands, he knew that would have given up”. “He felt strongly the friendship of his dear family – he continues – Many have underlined the inconsistency of the accusations that have been made against him … Nor has he shied away from the action of the judiciary, respecting its action, interpreting everything as a rare effect of the devastating climate of those years”. “All of this – he adds – strengthened his attention not to weaken the institutions on which civil coexistence and the good of all are based”. “Arnaldo – recalls Paglia – he always showed a great sense of institutionsall the times in which he was president and vice president of the Council”.

At the end of the Mass, Forlani’s coffin left the Basilica to the applause of those present. As the coffin was carried outside on the shoulder, a DC flag was flown inside the Basilica to pay homage to the former Christian Democrat leader. In the square in front of the Church in the EUR district of Rome, Mattarella stopped to greet Forlani’s family, before bowing to the coffin in the meantime loaded into the car.