Former accused of mistreatment, Adriana Volpe in the courtroom: “He told me I’ll destroy you”

The TV presenter, the offended party in the proceedings against her ex-husband Roberto Parli, heard in the courtroom in piazzale Clodio

“I lived in panic, my husband was no longer the man I had known. He insulted me in all possible and imaginable ways, even in the presence of the child or in my absence. He said to me ‘I’ll ruin you, I’ll destroy you’ ”. This is the story of the TV presenter Adriana Volpe, heard today in the courtroom in piazzale Clodio in the trial, before the Fifth Criminal Section, in which the ex-husband Roberto Parli is accused, accused of mistreatment in the family. The injured party in the proceedings are Volpe and the younger daughter while the man is subject to the prohibition of approach.

“Ours was a solid relationship, he was a wonderful dad and a present husband even though he was far away. Then with my entry into the house of Big Brother Vip, in January 2020, when I entered this ‘bubble’, the crisis began. Upon hearing the news of the pandemic, I left the game voluntarily on March 19, when I was informed that his father was ill and was hospitalized – he added, answering questions in the classroom -. My dad, while I was still at Big Brother, realized that my husband had changed, that he was withdrawing huge amounts of money from my account, 22 thousand euros in a month. In the following months he told me that he had entered a tunnel, he had lost money by investing online. Then he started saying in front of my parents ‘I will destroy this woman’, ‘I take the child away and she will never see her again’ ”.

“The death of his father made him go into a spiral, he woke up very late, the afternoon was lucid, then he got angry and in the evening he lost his temper and became aggressive,” he continued. In the courtroom, Adriana Volpe, answering the questions of the prosecutor, recounted several episodes of verbal attacks and threats and reported that during her stay at Big Brother, with the onset of the pandemic, her daughter was “completely left to herself, all they had started dad except for her ”. Once, when she left the Gf’s house and reached him and the child in Switzerland, she “began to threaten me by telling me that she would take the child away from me and took my documents and those of the child. Throughout 2021 we have experienced moments of panic. He insulted me in all possible and imaginable ways, in front of me, my little girl and even in my absence “. The couple has separated since June 2021 and the proceeding was born from the lawsuit filed in October of the same year, followed by the measure of the prohibition of approaching. “My daughter lived in a state of anxiety and I also lived very badly. A person who repeats ‘I will ruin you’ is a sword of Damocles ”.

The defendant was present in the courtroom, defended by the lawyer Laura Corbetta. “My client – underlined the criminal lawyer at the end of the hearing – is a father who has always been present. At this moment he cannot have contact with his daughter, not even by telephone, due to the prohibition of approaching, a measure ordered after the complaint presented by the ex-wife. Complaints that are also filed in Switzerland. On this measure we have presented two petitions for revocation, one of which has been appealed. If he has no contact with his daughter at the moment it is not his will ”.