Former ambassador to Brazil: “Assault due to non-recognition of election result”

Bernardini: “It is difficult in the South American country to be able to find a dynamic in which the political dialectic develops within tracks that do not question democratic institutions”

“Yesterday’s assaults demonstrate the permanence of the non-recognition of the election result. In a democratic dynamic it is clearly an element of instability, which is also confirmed in the statements of Lula and Bolsonaro, which aim to accuse, both the right and the other the left, of not respecting the rules. They are proof of how difficult it is in Brazil to be able to find a dynamic in which the political dialectic develops within tracks that do not question democratic institutions”. Former Italian ambassador Antonio Bernardini says so, commenting with Adnkronos on the assault on Brasilia on Parliament, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court.

“Leaders from Brazil and from all over the world have condemned the events – continues Bernardini – Now it is important to isolate the violent, bring a climate of peace to the country, and a normal political dialectic. This is the priority. The declarations of condemnation by of members of the opposition for what happened. It will now be necessary to see how political dialogue will be renewed within the country. But what happened is of a particular gravity, an assault on the representative buildings of Brazilian democracy. These things also happened in past, but never of this type, due to the very important political significance that was also seen in the reactions in Brazil itself but also internationally”.

“There is a long wave of the split in Brazilian society – the former ambassador points out – which manifests itself in such a radical way, with an event that certainly recalls what happened in Washington, but with the difference that this demonstration takes place in valley of the government inauguration, not before the inauguration ceremony of the president, as happened instead in the US Today one wonders how such an event could have happened, since the protesters had been camped for weeks and hundreds of buses brought the protesters in Brasilia. There is certainly a security problem, which has not worked: how could the federal system not intercept this threat?”.

“There were no shots or deaths, it was a less bloody assault than the one in Washington – he concludes – A particularity to note, since in Brazil the circulation of weapons is quite widespread. We also bear in mind that the offices were empty because it is a holiday period, it was an act of vandalism with a strong symbolic and political content. The demonstrators were dispersed, on the other hand the area does not allow them to stay for a long time, the buildings are isolated and indefensible. The demonstrators aimed to a political effect, which has been achieved to the detriment of Brazil, whose image is shaken.The problem of the need to be able to find a way of affirming the democratic dialectic in a civilized way is re-proposed and this event demonstrates how difficult it is move within a normal political dialectic”.

(by Cristiano Camera)