Former Berlusconi loyalist: “If Fascina is overwhelmed by grief, leave Parliament”

Maria Rosaria Rossi: “Berlusconi’s children on the pitch? I don’t remember that they were thinking of engaging in politics… Best wishes to Tajani, he has always honored his roles”

What will we miss about Berlusconi? ”The strong and courageous man, who anticipated all times, who with Pratica di Mare was able to put an end to years of cold war”. Will the children take the field now? ”The way I knew them, I don’t remember anyone having in mind to engage in active politics…”. What future does Forza Italia have with Tajani? ”Antonio has always honored his roles with authority, competence and passion, I wish him the best”. The former Italian Maria Rosaria Rossi, one of Arcore’s loyalists, is moved by the thought of Silvio Berlusconi, who would have turned 87 tomorrow and will be commemorated by his party at the ‘three days’ event in Paestum.

The ‘carer’, as she was nicknamed by her opponents when she managed the Cav’s agenda and also the party’s accounts in its heyday, remembers the ‘Doctor’ thus: ”It’s a bit like a parent for a child. You know that he is getting on in years, that he has health problems but you would never want him to go away… ”.

With Adkronos he also focuses on the future of the blue movement founded in ’94. And he spares no ‘advice’ to the former prime minister’s partner Marta Fascina, who has disappeared from the radar since the leader’s death and is the subject of controversy in recent days due to the record number of absences in the Chamber: ”If due to great pain he doesn’t feel like returning in Parliament, take a step back” and with a ”gesture of institutional generosity”, give up your seat to someone else.

”Of Berlusconi, we who shared a piece of his life with him – says Rossi – lack the strong and courageous man. We miss that man who anticipated all times and who convinced us of the sense of belonging to a common project”. The “handshake between George Bush and Vladimir Putin in Pratica di Mare is his signature”. A “man of peace that with dialogue and persuasion was able to put an end to years of cold war”.

Now Forza Italia, orphaned by Cav, according to the former Italian senator, must look forward: ”It absolutely must have a future. And those who are part of it have the duty to carry it forward to continue to pursue that liberal revolution that Berlusconi started in ’94”. His entry into the field revolutionized the way of doing politics starting from that great intuition of the united center-right of which he remains its inspiring father and creator”. The new secretary Tajani, he remarks, “is among the founders of Fi, has always been one of the president’s advisors and has always honored his positions. Being at the helm today demonstrates his high sense of responsibility. My respect goes to him.”

Rossi has some doubts about a direct political commitment of one of the former prime minister’s sons ”probably because they suffered together with their father from that incredible and absurd judicial fury which led, if I may use the term, to the 2011 coup d’état. ..”. There has been talk in recent days about Fascina and his role in the party, is it time for him to return to the Chamber? ”The pain and suffering for a definitive loss – Rossi stated – cannot be measured or confined to a specific time It is something that belongs to everyone’s personal sphere and cannot be judged. An unsolicited advice that I could give to Marta is that if she thinks that the pain does not allow her to be in the Chamber, she should take a step back as a gesture of generosity institutional and make way for someone who, once elected through by-elections, can sit in Parliament and play an active role for the country”.