Former BR Persichetti: “Pazienza ‘gave a hand’ to Report on Moro, here are the screenshots”. Ranucci: “Pure Fantasy”

On his blog he explains that he came into possession of the WhatsApp exchange

The former 007 Francesco Pazienza would have “given a hand” to Report to carry out the investigation into the Moro case. This was revealed by former BR Paolo Persichetti, now a historical researcher and author of books and investigations on the kidnapping and killing of the Christian Democratic statesman, who on his blog explains that he has come into possession of a WhatsApp exchange between Francesco Pazienza and Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino, Italian-American journalist, which occurred in the preparatory phase of the broadcast.

“Patience – reconstructs Persichetti, who also publishes the screenshot of the conversation – asks Ravarino if he can help him ‘with never revealed details regarding the Moro tragedy’. It is ‘a new reconstruction of the kidnapping and death by Italian television. You mentioned to me some details regarding the place in Rome where Moro’s body was found. Pazienza refers to Ravarino’s relationship with the noble Caetani family, the street in which Moro was found inside the Renault 4 on the morning of May 9, 1978 and Palazzo Caetani is located. At that point Ravarino asks if ‘is it a fellow American journalist who is interviewing you?’ and Pazienza replies: ‘No, Rai is not interviewing me. If I can I always try to lend a hand’, then informs Ravarino: ‘Siegfrido Ranucci will contact you if you give me the OK to give him your number’. Ravarino accepts even if in the end he was not involved in the broadcast.”

In his long article, in which he also analyzes other elements of the Report investigation, Persichetti defines the alleged “involvement of Pazienza” in the construction of the investigation as a “mockery for all listeners”: “he explains in what world the authors of Report they drank to tell the alleged secrets of the Moro kidnapping”, he concludes.

Ranucci: “From Persichetti on Pazienza pure fantasy”

“I absolutely deny what Persichetti said regarding the ‘Report’ episode on the Moro case. What he wrote is pure fantasy, it would have been enough for him to make a phone call to myself to verify that the information he gave is totally false“. This was stated to Adnkronos by Sigfrido Ranucci, thus commenting on the statements of the former police officer Paolo Persichetti who, on his blog, claims that the former 007 Francesco Pazienza would have ‘given a hand’ to the broadcast in the investigation into Moro case aired last night.

“The program was created completely independently by my colleague Paolo Mondani, like all the ‘Report’ services, and the episode was closed”, underlines Ranucci. Which states: “We have read that it closely follows the work of the second Moro commission, so there has been no misdirection. And moreover, from the screenshots shown it is not clear that there has been any misdirection”.

Regarding the figure of the Italian-American journalist Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino, brought up by Persichetti as Pazienza’s interlocutor in the WhatsApp exchange, Ranucci responds bluntly: “I don’t even know who he is, I don’t know him, never heard of him. What they wrote on that site is absolutely false, I don’t know what they are referring to.” According to what Persichetti reported, Ravarino could have had useful information for Ranucci, so much so that Pazienza would have tried to put them in contact. “It’s clear from the message that I wouldn’t even have called this person, so who would I have done the misdirection with? As long as there are journalists like this, ‘Report’ will have a long life”, concludes Ranucci.

The words of Pazienza

“I only knew that (Report ed.) had to do a report on Moro” and since “Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino (Italian-American journalist with a relationship with the noble Caetani family, street in which Moro was found inside the Renault 4 in the morning of 9 May 1978 and Palazzo Caetani is located, ed.) had spoken to me for some time saying ‘who knows why the Renault 4 was found in front of their building’, I said to him: ‘If you have more information than what you told me, talk to Ranucci’. That’s all.” Former 007 Francesco Pazienza stated this to Adnkronos on press reports according to which he “gave a hand” to Report to carry out the investigation into the Moro case.

Pazienza claims not to have been contacted by Ranucci: “Absolutely not”, he underlines, adding: “I knew they were working on Moro” and therefore he thought of acting on his own initiative: “Exactly”, he claims. “I told him about Ravarino, if he might be interested, and then I sent a message to Ravarino”, he reconstructs, explaining the contact. “My relationship with Ranucci arose because a couple of years ago he did a report in which he lumped me with P2, I sent him the documentation to tell him that I had absolutely nothing to do with P2 and Ranucci made a correction. Normally journalists Italians never make corrections”, he underlines, explaining that his acquaintance with Ranucci was born like this “and I respect him a lot”.