Former face of Amici soon father of twins: “See you soon children”

Friends, the former face of the talent will soon become the father of twins, the announcement on social networks moves everyone: “See you soon children”

His was one of the emerging voices within the talent. Friends of Maria De Filippi it was in fact for him the springboard that allowed the now famous singer to be one of the most loved voices within the Italian musical context.

Friends, the singer becomes a dad (credits: Instagram) Sologossip

Participation in the talent show saw him as a student in the edition aired in 2009. In short, a few years have passed since that moment but today he is certainly a well-known face and not only for having come out of Amici’s school but for being a beloved and talented singer. Today, just a few hours ago, he made an announcement on social media that moved and warmed everyone’s hearts: he will become the father of twins. With a lot of attached photo with his partner’s baby bump and a very sweet dedication, he gave the world the wonderful news! Who is the well-known face of Amici who will soon become a father? We are talking exactly about him!

The announcement on social media immediately goes viral: the former face of Amici will soon be the father of twins

His experience at Amici was short but intense. The singer chose to leave and give way to his then girlfriend, Elena D’Amario. From this brief information it is possible to understand that the former face of Amici we are talking about is precisely that of Enrico Nigiotti. His talent on the microphone and guitar has certainly not gone unnoticed. Therefore, even after having crossed the threshold that took him out of Talent, we can say that various doors have opened for him that have led him directly to success. And in fact, to date Enrico Nigiotti is much loved and followed even on social networks.

And it is precisely from his Instagram channel that the wonderful news has come today. The singer will become the father of not one but twins. Truly splendid news that sees the singer’s life surrounded by wonders and love. Together with his girlfriend, Giulia Diana, the two crown a dream of love. The arrival of their twins changes their lives, fully expressing the confirmation of the love they both feel for each other. With a very tender shot posted a few hours ago on his official Instagram profile, Enrico Nigiotti made the magnificent news public with a dedication.

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Enrico Nigiotti soon father of twins (Credits: canva) Solgossip

It’s all counting down to you. While you grow inside Mom, I’m here watching and imagining you. I always imagine you, I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know how it will be and I don’t know how I will be.. I just know that the word FOREVER will finally have a true meaning. “Time has no end if you live for someone“”, wrote the singer concluding with a greeting for his little ones: “Maso and Duccio, we see each other taken children”.